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Bring Our Leadership Retreat to You

So some of you may be saying, “This Leadership Retreat sounds great, but we don't have the budget to fly our Leadership Team to Washington, DC."

Coming from the corporate world, we understand budgets, and the need for a return on investment in everything you do, but we also believe in the importance of education and inspiration for your folks. Budget constraints is the reason we developed our Passport to Leadership on the National Mall, into Passport to Leadership "At the Place of Your Choosing."

We realize it is cheaper to fly one of us to you, rather than flying all of you, to us. So, give us a call, and let us develop a Passport Program we can bring to you.

Your choice...

Bring David Elliot’s Passport to Leadership to your company, in your city


- OR -

Host your next retreat in Washington DC, and let David illuminate your company values as we walk among some of our Nations’ greatest memorials, and see Washington DC in a whole new light. 

Let David energize your team with stories of leadership

Book Today

Call 703-963-1407

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