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Memorial and Museum Construction

World War I Memorial 

They have finally started work for the WWI memorial. Pershing Park will be reconfigured, with new elements and sculpture.  The goal is to open the memorial by Veterans Day 2021. That will be a century after the WWI Unknown was laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery, at the Tomb of the Unknowns.


Air and Space Museum Upgrades 

The Air and Space Museum is undergoing major repairs and improvement, resulting in 60% of the Museum closed. They will complete the repairs in approximately 3-4 years, and then close the other 40% of the Museum for another 3-4 years. 

Eisenhower Memorial, Washington DC's newest 

The new Eisenhower Memorial was dedicated on Sept 17, 2020. It’s proximity to the US Capitol, the Air and Space Museum and the Museum of the Bible, makes it a good one to visit before or after tours of these buildings. It is very different in design, and is a nice addition to the Nation's Capitol. Look for the "screen" behind the memorial. It is the Point du Hoc skyline on the coast of Normandy. It's a little hard to see.

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