D.C. Tours

Experience the City in a Way that Changes You Forever

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Anyone Can Show You Around.

It Takes a Special Guide to Make History Come Alive.


There is so much to see in DC that most people hurry through the city and leave unchanged.

Some however, visit the nation's capital and are enriched for a lifetime. The difference is how you experience the city. Come, see Washington DC with new eyes, and learn the history you were never taught. Having an experienced guide at your side, allows you to relax, have fun, and take it all in. Don't settle for a canned tour, where you can't ask questions.

Let Us Show You The Majesty of DC, And The Memorials Built to Honor Some of Our Greatest. 

Step into History

  • Visit the White House and stand at 1600 Pennsylvania, where every President except Washington has made world changing decisions.

  • The U.S. Capitol House Gallery, where FDR called the Nation to war.

  • Look inside the courtroom of the Supreme Court, and feel the gravity of the words you "hear" from some of the most important cases in our history.

  • View the Declaration of Independence, and ponder the 56 men who risked it all to birth America.

  • See where Martin Luther King, Jr. stood to give his speech, and think what you would say to the crowd.

  • Contemplate what difference you might make that's worthy of a grand memorial like the Jefferson Memorial.

  • Stand in the same room where we come to honor our Presidents, and bid others, farewell.

  • Enter the National Archives to see our Charters of Freedom, the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Make Your Memories Count

Other Tour Guides Can Tell You The Facts. We Show You the Rich History of DC, and of Those Who Founded This Great Nation.


Isaiah S

"I retained more from your short tours than I did in an entire middle school year. The other guides couldn't give us in a day what you gave us in just one stop. Thank you for imploring our kids to think and learn.​"

Rob and me Mt. Vernon.jpg

Rob & Sandy S.

This was a trip of a lifetime for our family. I had looked forward to it for 3 years. Our entire family of 13 felt like this experience provided a lifetime of wonderful memories. Thank you David!         

Three Ways to See the City

4-Hour Tours

Choose from five different tours. See the major monuments and memorials, in a short walking or driving tour.

Learn More

1-Day Tours

Choose your own adventure and visit the places most important to you. 

Learn More

3-Day Tours

Hands down the best way to see it all. Allow us to customize this tour for you.

Learn More

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