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You Made Learning American History Fun

Thank you SO much for being such an outstanding tour guide for our group of students. You made learning American history fun, relatable, and memorable. This was the trip of a lifetime! I will be passing your card on to my parents. I know they would love to experience D.C.! If you have any pics with Bob Dole, feel free to send them my way. Blessings, Jalaine (& Grace too!) 

April 2017

Your Tours Made Me a Better Person

I've never seen a tour guide as passionate and customer driven as you. You soar to lithium heights to provide the memorable experience. I used to think I was top notch, until I crossed your path. You are the BEST at what you do. The timing ​with your jokes, the context of what you are saying and how it is conveyed through your vast knowledge is stupendous. Larry Moon, author and driver, 2016

Retained More from Your Short Tours Than I Did in an Entire School Year

I just want to say thank you for being such an amazing guide for us in D.C.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I feel I retained more from your short tours than I did in an entire school year in my middle school years. After we took off to New York, it became even more apparent how much better you do at explaining the historical importance of the cities on the east. The whole group agrees that the other guides couldn't give us in a whole day what you would give us in just one stop. I wish we had taken a group photo with you. If only they were quicker! Again, I thank you for spreading your knowledge and imploring our kids to think further than the 64² miles that makes up their hometown. I appreciate you and look forward to seeing you again if I end up on the east someday. Thank you. Isiah 

Amazing Experience for Middle Schoolers AND Grandparents

Mr. Elliot not only possesses a seemingly endless cache of knowledge, he also possesses an abundance of compassion and patience. He guided my high maintenance group of middle schoolers which included students with special needs and a grandma with double hip replacements. I not only noticed his kindness for my group but also for all people he encountered including a homeless man. I was excited to see my group learn many interesting facts about our country and develop a deeper appreciation for people not only from the past but also for those in the world around them. Mr. Elliot truly inspired my group. As I worked on a word-find puzzle with one of my students on our flight home, we could not find a word. The student very sincerely said to me, "Mr. Elliot would be able to find it." Mr. Elliot is not only an incredible tour guide, he is an amazing role model. Thank you Mr. Elliot!

Your Tours Were the Highlight of our Trip to Washington DC

Thank you for the tour you gave me and my family of Washington, DC. We really got to see the places that we wanted to and we learned a tremendous amount from your insights into Washington. You certainly were a highlight of our trip to Washington. We are going to highly recommend you. Thanks again for making our DC trip very memorable.

History Came Alive for Me!

David was an exceptional tour guide to me and the rest of the group I was with. The 2015 National Rifle Association's Youth Education Summit was lucky enough to be ushered around the National Mall and other sites by this fantastic tour guide. At every turn David would point out a home, building, site, intersection, or place of historical significance and give backstory on the historical events related to each site. Always engaging, Mr. Elliot spoke with such passion and insight to our nation's humble beginnings and enduring legacy as we carry on into what real democracy looks like. I had a fantastic tour of DC and learned a lot and I just want to say- Thank you for an excellent night in Washington!

Fun, Insightful, and Shaped me to the Core

Hey Mr. David, I found you on Instagram. I wanted to send you this message. Thanks for making this trip unbelievably fun and amazing. Only on your tour did I really take time to understand the importance of where I was, especially at Arlington National Cemetery.

Genuine Hospitality. My Kids Loved it and We All Learned So Much!

When I called a tour company, they did not have guides so he gave me your name. ...when I contacted you, your warm Christian spirit and personality was heart felt. The kids really did enjoy the tour and felt it was very educational plus they learned a lot of history. I will keep your number for future visits and if I know of any other group coming up I will suggest they contact you.

So Good at Knowing His Audience

As for David, I thought he had a really good feel for the age group he was dealing with. He gave the kids just enough info without overloading them and was tolerant of the fact that sometimes they've just heard enough. He had a good sense of humor & had little Q&A sessions to hold interest. Overall, the best I can remember!

My Favorite Vacation Ever - Who Would Have Thought?

A great experience!! I have to say that this was one of the greatest trips I have ever taken. I learned more history and how important our type of government is.

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