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Welcome CLS

Members, Families, and Guests

It's time to get excited about your trip to D.C.

Christian History Tours - Washington DC

Christian History Tours - Washington DC

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Let me Welcome you to your Nation’s Capitol!

This really is a magnificent city, and I am delighted to host CLS again.

I am praying this is the high-water mark for you in 2020!

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4-Hour Tours

Choose From These Four Options

Driving Monument Tour
  • White House

  • US Capitol

  • Lincoln Memorial

  • WWII Memorial

  • Vietnam Veterans  Memorial

  • Jefferson Memorial

  • Korean Veterans Memorial

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

  • Blair House: the President's Guest House.

  • Eisenhower Exec Ofc Bldg

  • Signers Island-  Dedicated to the 56 men who signed our  Declaration of     Independence (time permitting)



  • Date: Fri. Oct 16th, 2020

  • Time: 7:00pm-11:00pm

  • Where to meet: Hotel lobby

  • Cost/Person: $42

  • Transportation: Walking & Bus

Capital Hill Tour
  • U.S. Capitol 

  • House Gallery - where the House of Reps meet and where the State of the Union is delivered  (time permitting)

  • Crypt- where George and Martha Washington were to be interred 

  • Statuary Hall - Old Chambers of the House

  • Capitol Rotunda - Where ‘Divine Services' were planned, and where Presidents, and others, lie in State.

  • Supreme Court- 

  • See the Courtroom 

  • The Great Hall 

  • The Library of Congress 


  • Date: Fri. Oct 16th, 2020

  • Time: 12:30pm-4:30pm

  • Where to meet: Hotel lobby

  • Cost/Person: $27

  • Transportation: Walking & Metro

Mount Vernon Tour
  • Tour 11 Original Bldgs

  • Orientation Center

  • Washington’s Mansion

  • Take in the commanding view that Washington   loved.

  • Meet people from his time

  • The Old Tomb- where he was originally buried 

  • See the New Tomb with Martha  and George Washington 

  • Slave Burial Grounds 

  • Education Center- lots to see, and experience

  • See his dentures

  • 4-D Snow Movie   

  • Much more 


  • Date: Sat. Oct 17th, 2020

  • Time: 1:00pm-5:00pm

  • Where to meet: Hotel lobby

  • Cost/Person: $59

  • Transportation: Walking & Bus

Arlington Nat'l Cemetery
  • Visit the tomb of the unknown soldier

  • Experience the unforgettable Changing of the Guard ceremony

  • See the grave of JFK and his Eternal Flame

  • See Arlington House - home of Robert E. Lee

  • Walk through the Amphitheater where Easter Sunrise Serv is held each year.

  • Take in the awe inspiring view from Arlington House


  • Date: Sat. Oct 17th, 2020

  • Time: 8:45am-12:15pm

  • Where to meet: Hotel lobby

  • Cost/Person: $30

  • Transportation: Walking & Metro

Never Miss Tour-Guide Commentary. We Now Include Headsets!

You may bring your own earphones, or we have them available for $3 each. 

Want a Private Tour?

Choose any two of the 4-hour tours above.

Remember that a Driving Monument Tour will give you a better feel for the core monuments.

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Private Tour Options

If you have time, this is the best way to see Washington, D.C.! Slow it down a little, and visit sites that others will miss.

Suggestions Include

  • Washington National Cathedral, where our Presidents come for an inaugural service, and where others are eulogized.

  • Union Station 

  • Museum of the Bible

  • Pentagon 9/11 Memorial - its even better after sunset

  • Air Force Memorial - see it's commanding view of the city

  • Marine Corp Memorial - statue of the Marines on Iwo Jima

  • Ford's Theater - where Lincoln was assassinated 

  • Peterson House - where Lincoln died

  • National Archives - where we display our Charters of Freedom

  • American Veterans-Disabled-for-Life Memorial

  • National Law Enforcement-Officers Memorial

  • Botanic Gardens

  • Bartholdi Fountain

  • And More                                                                                                       

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