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5,000 tours

500 testimonies can't be wrong

Your Tours Made Me a Better Person

I've never seen a tour guide as passionate and customer driven as you. You soar to lithium heights to provide the memorable experience. I used to think I was top notch, until I crossed your path. You are the BEST at what you do. The timing ​with your jokes, the context of what you are saying and how it is conveyed through your vast knowledge is stupendous.

     Larry Moon, author, and driver, 2016    NOTE: Larry is a driver who deals with thousands of travelers, and a few hundred

                           tour guides. To receive a note like, we consider it a high honor.

You Made Learning American History Fun

Thank you SO much for being such an outstanding tour guide for our group of students. You made learning American history fun, relatable, and memorable. This was the trip of a lifetime! I will be passing your card on to my parents. I know they would love to experience D.C.! If you have any pics with Bob Dole, feel free to send them my way. Blessings

     Jalaine (& Grace too!) April 2017

Retained More from Your Short Tours Than I Did in an Entire School Year

I just want to say thank you for being such an amazing guide for us in D.C.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I feel I retained more from your short tours than I did in an entire school year in my middle school years. After we took off to New York, it became even more apparent how much better you do at explaining the historical importance of the cities on the east. The whole group agrees that the other guides couldn't give us in a whole day what you would give us in just one stop. I wish we had taken a group photo with you. If only they were quicker! Again, I thank you for spreading your knowledge and imploring our kids to think further than the 64² miles that makes up their hometown. I appreciate you and look forward to seeing me again if I end up on the east someday. Thank you.


Amazing Experience for Middle Schoolers AND Grandparents

Mr. Elliot not only possesses a seemingly endless cache of knowledge, he also possesses an abundance of compassion and patience. He guided my high maintenance group of middle schoolers which included students with special needs and a grandma with double hip replacements. I not only noticed his kindness for my group but also for all people he encountered including a homeless man. I was excited to see my group learn many interesting facts about our country and develop a deeper appreciation for people not only from the past but also for those in the world around them. Mr. Elliot truly inspired my group. As I worked on a word-find puzzle with one of my students on our flight home, we could not find a word. The student very sincerely said to me, "Mr. Elliot would be able to find it." Mr. Elliot is not only an incredible tour guide, he is an amazing role model. Thank you Mr. Elliot!

Your Tours Were the Highlight of our Trip to Washington DC

Thank you for the tour you gave me and my family of Washington, DC. We really got to see the places that we wanted to and we learned a tremendous amount from your insights into Washington. You certainly were a highlight of our trip to Washington. We are going to highly recommend you. Thanks again for making our DC trip very memorable.

History Came Alive for Me!

David was an exceptional tour guide to me and the rest of the group I was with. The 2015 National Rifle Association's Youth Education Summit was lucky enough to be ushered around the National Mall and other sites by this fantastic tour guide. At every turn David would point out a home, building, site, intersection, or place of historical significance and give backstory on the historical events related to each site. Always engaging, Mr. Elliot spoke with such passion and insight to our nation's humble beginnings and enduring legacy as we carry on into what real democracy looks like. I had a fantastic tour of DC and learned a lot and I just want to say- Thank you for an excellent night in Washington!

Fun, Insightful, and Shaped me to the Core

Hey Mr. David, I found you on Instagram. I wanted to send you this message. Thanks for making this trip unbelievably fun and amazing. Only on your tour did I really take time to understand the importance of where I was, especially at Arlington National Cemetery.

Genuine Hospitality. My Kids Loved it and We All Learned So Much!

When I called a tour company, they did not have guides so he gave me your name. ...when I contacted you, your warm Christian spirit and personality was heart felt. The kids really did enjoy the tour and felt it was very educational plus they learned a lot of history. I will keep your number for future visits and if I know of any other group coming up I will suggest they contact you.

So Good at Knowing His Audience

As for David, I thought he had a really good feel for the age group he was dealing with. He gave the kids just enough info without overloading them and was tolerant of the fact that sometimes they've just heard enough. He had a good sense of humor & had little Q&A sessions to hold interest. Overall, the best I can remember!

My Favorite Vacation Ever - Who Would Have Thought?

A great experience!! I have to say that this was one of the greatest trips I have ever taken. I learned more history and how important our type of government is.

Funny, informative, and reshaped our company culture...what a bonus!

Last night David Elliot, and Chris our driver, took us on a wonderful twilight tour of D.C. Chris was top notch, on time, patient and friendly. He provided us with a great vehicle and was helpful throughout the evening. David was fantastic.....he blended into our group right away and off we went. He was funny and informative. We enjoyed the entire tour and I just wanted to make sure that you knew that. Our society has gotten to the point where we don't compliment we only complain. So on that note, please make sure to pass on to them our deepest thanks and appreciation for their time and talent. David and Chris represented your company well. You should be proud.

Highly recommend!

I have been to DC numerous times and thought I had good knowledge of the history of the area and the USA. Though it has been years since I had ridden a bike, David convinced me that I had not experienced DC unless it was from a bike. The hidden treasure, monuments and historic narration were outstanding and included everything from early American, Civil War through modern history. I learned more about the area and building history and saw many more DC gems with David than I knew existed. Outstanding tour with many wonderful, fact-filled stops along the way. Plus he was glad to start our tour at my favorite time of day - sunrise! Beautiful to see the sunrise over DC. Highly recommend!

Wonderful tour!

THANK YOU so much for the wonderful tour! You had so much to say and we could only get about half of it! Even with the rain it was fun and interesting.

Lovely tour

Everyone commented about what a lovely time they had on our tour. Some people were sort of indifferent about being confined to a bus with a tour guide. People raved about you, and I am very thankful we had you because you did a great job.

Best course leader

Best course leader I have ever had.

The Best in 10 years

David was the best course leader I have had in my 10 years with World Strides. His historical knowledge was remarkable. He challenged the students thinking to go beyond just "knowing the facts." He was able to connect with the students. They listened and responded well to him. Being a Christian school we really appreciated his Christian perspective. He was able to handle changes in our itinerary due to weather. I am hoping that he is available during our next trip, and I would love to have him as our leader.

Great for all ages

Our group of 20, ranging in ages of 8 years to 68 years old, was fortunate to have David Elliot as our tour guide for four days in Washington DC. He was able to guide us all over Washington DC and Mount Vernon with informative information and fun. David's recommendations for restaurants were prefect. Wish we could take him on every trip!

Great sense of humor

Hello again, your tour was a much talked about event for the weekend. We all enjoyed it so much. You have a great way of communicating information. Great sense of humor and lots of patience, (the kids were starting to get to me). I learned so much about Arlington and even used some of what I heard from you when speaking to those who came for the interment on Monday.
We have your card and will surely call on you again should we have a need.
Thanks for a job well done.

A trip to remember

Now that I am back at work, I actually found a few minutes to email you. I wanted to just thank you for your time and extensive knowledge of the DC area and monuments! This was a wonderful time for my parents and kids, as well as my wife and I. Your additional knowledge made the trip much more enjoyable and interesting! My dad’s health is beginning to deteriorate, but he will remember this trip the remainder of his life. It was something special to him! Thank you again, and hopefully in the future, I can talk my boys into doing a bike tour with you. I think they would like doing that even more than riding in the Limo.

Awesome tour!

Thank you very much for the awesome tour! Everyone had such a good time and were very impressed with your knowledge.

Fantastic Tour Guide

I have long meant to tell you what an incredible time that we had. We will never forget that experience and the many things we learned. You were a fantastic tour guide and we had a super time. The way you interacted with the kids made it not only an educational trip but a "Fun" trip as well.

Wonderful job

Again, I cannot express to you how much we all enjoyed the trip! You did a wonderful job, and I feel that we could not have had a better experience. I wanted to let you know we have already scheduled our 2012 trip...and have requested you as our tour guide again.

THE tour guide

We can't thank you enough for the last few days we spent together touring DC. We have been many places, and your knowledge and expertise trumps any other guide we have ever met. I can't believe how you kept the Whole groups attention, students and adults alike!

History come to life

I wanted to thank you again for your tour guide services during our recent trip to Washington, DC. You made American History so exciting for our students. They learned so much from you that they would not learn from a textbook. In fact, we all learned so much from you. You know so much more than the basic historical data. The stories that you told made history come alive! You really related well with our students. We had a great trip and the students have wonderful memories of all that we did.

Again, thank you so much. Have a wonderful and successful year!

Informative and entertaining

David has a sincere passion for communicating our nation's Christian heritage. His gift of public speaking and sense of humor enhance his delivery and make him both informative and entertaining.

Three hours flew by!

Thank you for delivering an interesting and fun tour Saturday night. Each person had a great time and learned a lot. The 3 hours flew by! I appreciate your knowledge, great sense of humor, and gracious spirit. Thanks, too, for encouraging the Cadets. Your kind words reminded them that they will be appreciated as defenders of our freedoms.

Making an impact

David, you are touching the future.

Excellent tour guide

David was an excellent tour guide for our D.C. tour. We feel lucky to have found him. His insight and humor kept everyone's interest and made for an entertaining and informative afternoon--and if he can keep the attention of sixteen- and seventeen-year-old high school students, he can capture anyone's attention!

David does not regurgitate dates and historical facts. He personalizes the tour and utilizes stories from his research to really dig behind the basics at each point of the tour. The tour is also reasonably priced and perfect for an introduction to the city or a good overview of the highlights of the city if you have limited time.

Awesome tour of Washington D.C.

This is one of the teachers in your group from Castle North in Newburgh, Indiana. I wanted to shoot you a quick email thanking you for the awesome tour of Washington D.C. this past weekend. I can't stop thinking about all of the fantastic things we saw and how, through your story telling and vast knowledge, you taught us things not many people know. Keep up the great work!

Amazing experience

Thanks again for an amazing experience for our kids this week! I truly appreciate it. Your enthusiasm and commitment to not only history, but morality as well is second to none! Thanks again.

The Best Tour Ever

Thank you so much for the tour last night. The kids dubbed it "The Best Tour Ever". As a family we composed a blog post before we went to bed. All the best.

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